Remy Hair Extensions Salon London

Remy Hair Extension Salons London

If you are looking for the best Remy hair extension Salons in London, there are a few facts you need to know. What to look for, what cost is involved, how it is attached and removed, what is harmful and what is not?

What is Remy Human Hair all about?

Unlike synthetic hair, which is sensitive to the elements and does not last long, Remy hair is collected from hair donors and is of an exceptional quality. Remy human hair is of the highest standard for real human hair. The hair is carefully and meticulously sorted. The hair cuticles are not stripped like other hair products on the market, making it the finest, most unique quality of human hair available. The cuticles are aligned in a unidirectional manner thus making it the preferred choice when it comes to wigs and hair extensions because of the completely natural look. It has a silky, shiny and soft appearance adding to its popularity as well as being completely tangle free. It can be washed, heated, straightened curled and dyed just like normal hair. It is of the highest quality due to the many hours of time and the dedicated care put into producing this product. This is why it is a favourite with celebrities. They are choosing Remy Hair extensions because it is the best hair extension product on the market.

The meaning of the word ‘Remy’

Derived from the word ‘Remis’ which means ‘put back’ that all hair has been aligned from root to tip and put back into the direction it originally grew. The meaning and spelling have now changed to ‘Remy’ meaning it was cut from a donor and kept in its original form and alignment.

Remy Hair Extension Salons London

Some products get sold and passed off as Remy because the hair salons are unable to tell the difference. Make sure you choose a salon that is highly professional and skilled in being able to tell the difference, salons like Arabella Rose specialize in Remy Hair Extensions.

It is the preferred choice of human hair in London hair salons for extensions and wigs alike. They preserve it in its original bundle protecting it from root to tip. There are various bonding methods used to attach the Remy human hair to a client’s hair. Either a custom made Remy clip in or Bonding tape hair extensions are used, which uses a thin bonding tape that is seamless and invisible to the eye. The hand crafted Remy hair is comfortable, light and can be re-used. It provides an individualistic approach, matching your own personal hair, colour and style while adding volume.


The micro-ring system for attaching and removing is one of the easiest methods to use. The metal rings are applied to your own hair and are light in weight. This is referred to as a cold method as it does not need the use of chemicals, glue or heat. They are able to clamp to the hair securely and are fixed in place so well that they will not fall out even while doing sports or other activities. Removal is just as easy as all it requires is clamping the ring with pliers to open them. They come off easily and do not damage your hair. You should go to a hair salon to remove them. They can last up to three months before they need to be re-attached.


Bonding with micro-fusion is the more favourable method for attaching the Remy hair. The keratin based bonding resin used will not damage your natural hair and is long lasting. Keratin is a protein that is natural and will not break the hair shaft. Your Remy hair extensions should last 3-4 months depending on your own hair re-growth time.


Prices vary per Remy hair extension Salon in London but here is a basic cost you can expect.

Half head Remy hair extensions

  • 18″ £280
  • 20″ £300
  • 22″ £320

Half Head Remy hair extensions

  • 18″ £340
  • 20″ £360
  • 22″ £380

Some London Salons will import Russian or Brazilian hair, Russian hair is the most expensive. Hair imported from India is actually donated to Hindu temples in honour of their God Vishnu.

Russian half head

  • 18″ £380
  • 20″ £400
  • 22″ £420

Russian full head

  • 18″ £440
  • 20″ £460
  • 22″ £480

While the cost is higher than non-Remy hair or synthetic hair it is of a higher quality and will last much longer therefore is a worthwhile investment.

Non-Remy Hair

Non-Remy hair goes through a chemical stripping process that actually damages the hair. It is submerged in a bath of acid to remove the hair cuticles. The cuticle is a protective covering of the hair and it controls the water content of the hair fiber. It is said to be equally as harmful to perming you hair a number of times. The hair is now dull and so to make it appear shiny it is now dipped in silicone, adding to its weight. Initially this hair feel soft but as the silicone washes out it becomes dull again and leaves your hair feeling brittle and dry. It also tangles easily and has a tendency to become matted causing damage to your own hair.

Synthetic hair

The process of adding hair extensions used to be considered dangerous, mostly because of the use of synthetic fibers. It does not last as long as long as human hair and is damaged by friction, heat and elements. It does not look like human hair and becomes dry and brittle often damaging you own hair. Hair dryers and hair irons should not be used on artificial hair as it decreases the life-span. Although there are a few heat resistance synthetic fibers that allow the use of heat styling. Futura is a type of synthetic fiber that can be heated and styled but not coloured.

Hair extensions originated in Ancient Egypt, by the late 17th Century wigs became the fashion trend. The bigger the wig the more powerful you were, thus the term “big wig’. Weaves took over in the 50’s. David Gold patented the Remy hair extension in 1991.Today due to its popularity, especially among celebrities, hair extensions are a lucrative industry, bringing in hundreds of millions or pounds. The UK’s fashion love affair with extensions started with Victoria Beckam. Stars from “Made in Chelsea’ are also following the trend. Remy hair extensions are supplying the TV, Film and Music industry alike.